D&D 5e Languages (Dungeons & Dragons) : The best languages to learn

In the handbook, it provides a list of default languages that you can use for any of your world settings and you can keep it just the same or you could come up with languages on your own. You can come up with your own set of languages, that people may or may not know. Characters, NPCs and other players would be using your language in your world and make it more organically yours.

D&D 5e Languages Dialects

On the other hand, there is a possibility that things like dialects can exist. Dialects can be – one region would have a slightly different language than the other one and you could consider that this might cause problems with communications between two different places, even problems with diplomacy because yes, maybe they do speak the same language but the little differences in the way they speak it or in the way that they express it makes a difference.


Now many common 5e languages or widespread languages will have ancient or archaic versions of them and if you have players that are adventurous or are travelling to tombs or ancient ruins, they could encounter it. That is another version of a language they could encounter. You have to think, if that is going to exist and how the language itself evolved over time. On the other hand, when you’re building factions or organizations, some of them might have secret languages.


The Best D&D 5e languages to learn


It is best to learn a few of the regional dialects and non-common human5e languages.


Elven is one of the best 5e languages to learn since it is spoken by elves and are a common race to meet as well as a very old race, so they seem to have a lot of knowledge stored in books of elven language. They are also experts in magic, so you will find a lot of useful spellbooks and scrolls in elven to improve your skills and knowledge. It is obviously not wholly necessary to learn if you don’t meet a lot of them in your campaign and should only look to acquiring it if you are campaigning through elven lands.


Draconic is known to be 5e language of magic, in most worlds and games so it becomes extremely useful to a mage spellcaster and is very commonly found in ancient traps and scrolls. Most of the really old text is written on Draconic and it is thus similar to Elven in a way. To consider, most of the texts written in Draconic is extremely important.


Dwarven is the 5e language spoken and maintained by dwarves who are a nice and kind race but really short tempered. Also, they are extremely common to meet. This makes dwarven an extremely worthy language to learn since you will be on the good side of their temper and in good terms with them as well as be able to utilise this language very often.

Final Words

This was a guide on showing which are some of the most common and useful D&D 5e languages to pick for your character  while campaigning in Dungeons & Dragons 5E. If you have any queries regarding this, make sure to comment down below and let us know so we can resolve your issue instantly.

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