Roblox Music Codes 2019 List Working


Roblox is a very innovative and interactive, it is a multi-player online game which allows the player to not only play different games but also make their own games via Roblox studios.

It is the world’s largest social platform for play, and the best part is one can even include their favourite songs while they are playing any game and enjoy the best of both the worlds.

Roblox even allows you to listen to the top and latest songs of the year 2018, not to forget, it even allows you to listen to the old classics you love. Roblox is like a one shop stop for any music and game lover. But evidently many people find it difficult to find the code of their favourite song on the Roblox music.

Roblox Music Codes

How to find your favourite song’s code on Roblox?

To play any song on your Roblox boom box you need to have its code, and there are many methods to get the Roblox boom box code.

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Method1– You can make a quick Google search of your favourite song, all you have to do is write your favourite songs name and attach the “Roblox song ID to it”.

  • Now you will see many you tube video links which will have the songs ID’s within them, you can pick your favourite song and its id.


Method2–There are many groups also that provide you with the music codes for roblox 2018, you can again simply Google for the groups and then kick start finding your song codes.


Now, one must know not everyone has access to the boom box, so you either have to go on the internet and search for the free ones or buy it from the section of accessories and items store from Robux.

Here you are not actually spending real cash it is just the cash that you earn inside the robux.

Now once you have the boom box you can get started with your favourite songs when you are playing the games, now your boom box songs can also be heard by your friends and people you are playing the game with you, if it is a multi-player game.

So now you can have your own jamming session while you are playing video games on the Roblox, isn’t it the best?

Well I bet it is!

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What you have to do after you find your code?

Well it is simple, you have to open the Roblox game and then tap on the boom box option on the screen, Roblox functions on both the android and IOS and even on your PC.

So after opening the boom box you have to just enter the song code of your favourite music and then it will automatically play.


Final words

Though Roblox offers a variety of songs and features but not every song is there in their storage, so don’t get upset and turn up the game as their song collection is just hilarious!

If you still have any queries then do let us know.

Thank you.



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